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Free For All | Welcoming Post

[Insert witty, fantastic setting details here. Seriously, all you really need to know is that it's a festival. A MONTH LONG festival with Fireworks happening every night once Darkness falls.]
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[Kuja is quite bewildered by the unfamiliar setting. For once, he finds himself speechless. Isn't he supposed to be dead? If he isn't, then where is he? He's so bewildered, in fact, that he doesn't notice Cloud until Cloud's shoulder strikes his own. He turns.]

Pardon me. [His tone doesn't exactly sound forgiving. There's still dust in his hair and on his clothes from his previous location beneath a gigantic, collapsing tree, and, realizing this, he brushes some of it off of his sleeves and jacket.]
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[Cloud's first instinct is to ignore the sardonic response. He didn't want to waste his free time getting irritated over something so small. But the familiarity of the voice makes him double-take.]

Kuja? [The other man looked, well, slightly more unkempt since Cloud last saw him. Not knowing where (or when) Kuja came from, Cloud assumes it's because of a fight.] What happened?
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[He's not precisely startled by the sound of his own name. After all, there are people he doesn't know who know him, considering all he's done, his sphere of influence.

Yet this is different, and this man genuinely seems to want to know what happened to him.]
What happened to me... [He trails off, as he isn't precisely sure, considering where he is now. He also isn't ready to say I died.]

Who are you?
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[What? That wasn't the reaction he expected. He pauses before answering.]

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[The name means nothing to him.]

And how do you know me, Cloud? [There's a wariness in his tone. He would think most people who knew him would fear him or loathe him at this point.]
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[Cloud frowns sincerely now. He wondered if Kuja was missing memories.]

We're from the same side. [Not friends, he knows, but allies in the sense they were forced to fight the same 'enemy'.] We fought for Chaos.