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Free For All | Welcoming Post

[Insert witty, fantastic setting details here. Seriously, all you really need to know is that it's a festival. A MONTH LONG festival with Fireworks happening every night once Darkness falls.]
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[There is an awfully familiar ninja running around.]

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[Oh that voice is familiar - it's Oh Fearless Leader!]

That's my name, don't wear it out!

[With that, she shoves a hand into her pouch, coming up with a bag of rock candy and holding it out to Cloud with an expectant look on her face.]

Eat this. It's weird as hell but so tasty.
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[STARING AT IT LIKE IT'S POISON why would you say "weird as hell" and "eat this" in the same breath, Yuffie??]

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[Because it makes sense in Yuffie-land! DO IT CLOUD! She pushes the candy at him, a challenge in her eyes.]

I mean, if you're scared to eat it I get that. It's hard to keep up with a fearless ninja like me.

[Om nom nom rock candy]
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[He'd roll his eyes if he were that kind of person. Still taking the candy anyway.

It really does look strange. A lot of edges. He warily takes a bite -- it's harder than he thought -- and crunches it.]

...it's sweet.
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[Success! She gives Cloud a knowing look, grabbing some of the candy herself and nomming it.]

Yeah, it's pretty good. There's also this cotton candy stuff somewhere. They never let me have this stuff when I was little so I'm taking advantage now!

[Guess who is going to have a sugar high soon? You might want to run away, Cloud. Or knock her out at least.]
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[Quirking an eyebrow at her. Yuffie on a sugar overdose sounds like a Very Bad Idea.]

How much have you had so far?
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[Yuffie thinks it's a brilliant idea. All that energy to put forth toward ADVENTURE!]

Not that much, but I'm going to fix that soon. See there's cotton candy and these crazy things call funnel cakes that I'm going to eat.

[She gives Cloud a narrowed eye look.]

You know, you probably need more sugar in your diet.
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[He has the distinct feeling he's going to have to save people from her later today. ...funnel cakes do sound like something tasty, though.]

I don't think I need as much sugar as you.
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It's all good \o/

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[Yuffie has the feeling she needs to force Cloud to have fun. Which does involve some destruction, but who isn't into that?]

Sure you do! I have a tolerance, and building it up is very important. Just in case you find yourself in places like this. Gotta plow through all the good food!

[Plow is an appropriate term for her plans.]
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[He can imagine her plowing— although it's more of a literal 'plow' through all the food stands in the area. Still, she's saying it like he didn't hit up a couple places for food. He crosses his arms.]

I tried a couple stands already. It wasn't bad. [A pause before he adds:] I could go for another round, though.
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I am so late D:

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[She would probably mow down some stalls in the process, but it's all in the name of eating good! She nods with approval at his words, her eyebrows raised in challenge.]

Yeah? Good. I need an eating partner. Sticking to stuff that isn't too sweet is the trick - all that cotton candy and stuff can be last.

[She makes food eating battle plans, go figure.]