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Free For All | Welcoming Post

[Insert witty, fantastic setting details here. Seriously, all you really need to know is that it's a festival. A MONTH LONG festival with Fireworks happening every night once Darkness falls.]
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[/sob, giving in. Hearing that voice shouldn't have been surprising, considering Aerith is here, but it is. Turning to see the man it belonged to? Even more shocking. Painfully so, in fact.

Cloud indecisively hovers nearby. To stay and watch from a distance or to walk away?]
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[ How about option #3: get hassled into coming over here and getting your hair ruffled, you inconsiderate jerk!

He should know Zack's too sharp to miss that oh-so-familiar spiky blond head, even in such a busy crowd. And once he does spot him, he forgets all about the poor sap he was cheerfully attempting to rile up, before. If Cloud's not going to come over and say hi to him of his own volition, well, he'll just have to give him a push in the right direction.

It's not like he hasn't done it, before. ]

Hey! How about you? [ And there's no mistaking who he's talking to, even as he crosses his arms and cocks his head to one side, still smiling for all he's worth. ] I know a tough guy when I see one! Come on, give it a try.
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[Good ol' Zack. The man never changes— in life or in death. It's hard to resist his enthusiasm. His encouraging smile.

Cloud walks over, arms crossed. Might as well play along, he figures. It's a festival, after all.]

What kind of game is it?
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[ Poor Cloud, falling into such an obvious trap. There's no escape from having fun, now. ]

Test your strength! Think you can handle it?
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[He holds his hand out for the mallet. He might not show it outwardly, but he likes messing around with games like this. Where art thou, Gold Saucer?]

I guess we'll see.
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[ Just as talkative as he remembers! At least some things never change. He hands over the mallet, a little surprised to see Cloud going along with something this silly, but obviously pleased. ]

Go for it!
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[Sir, yessir. Cloud takes a swing with the mallet, striking the target hard. Despite the difficulty other customers were having, it's no problem for him. The ringing of the bell serves as his victory fanfare today.

He gives the mallet a quick spin before turning back to hand it to Zack.]
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[ welp. ]

Hmm, you're better than I thought! [ Thank you, thank you, he'll just take that back and continue teasing. ] Not too grown up for a prize, are you?
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[He crosses his arms.]

I might be. [He doesn't know what he'd do with the prize anyway.] You can keep it.
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Not even curious? Man, that's no fun! [ Setting aside the mallet, he hooks his hands together behind his head, a look of super sincere disappointment on his face. ]

Weeell, I guess we'll just have to get caught up or something! How've you been, huh?
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[R-resisting that face. He will not feel guilty about it, he will not.]

I've been fine, [Cloud answers. Which is... not quite the truth, but he's not about to blow a chance to speak with Zack by dumping all his problems on the man.] You?
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no worries!

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[ He's doubting the honesty in that reply, but prying right away never got any answers with Cloud, before, and it probably still doesn't work so well. Better to play it cool, now, and just sort of toe the line until he comes up with the right questions. ]

Me? Eh, same old, same old!

[ Just doing that whole afterlife thing, occasionally taking breaks to creep on the living, nothing to worry about. ]
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[Cloud's a terrible liar and he knows it, but he appreciates Zack not pushing the matter. For now, at least.]

That's... good. [He doesn't mean it in the 'good that Zack's dead' sense, but he sure does feel like it's an awkward thing to say.]
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[ Uh-oh, his Awkward Cloud Moment sense is tingling.

With a laugh, Zack shakes his head. Always so glum. That hasn't changed, either. ]

Yeah, it's not bad, as far as retirements go. I've got no complaints.

[ And under so much unassuming cheerful there's a very clear note of So don't start thinking that way. ]

Hmm... Hey, guess we're not as interesting as I remember, huh?
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Maybe. [This is going poorly. Thinking of what else to talk about, thinking...]

How long have you been here?
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[ He rolls his shoulders in an easy shrug before crossing his arms like an afterthought, clearly at ease. ]

Better part of a day, near as I can tell. There wasn't much of a welcome, so I'm just guessin', here. What about you?
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A few hours. [Although he can't really tell the exact amount of time, either.] I haven't done much yet.
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Oh no? You're really missing out, y'know. [ And as if the idea has only just occurred to him, ] So let's go do something together! It'll be a lot more fun than just waiting around to see what happens next.
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[Cocking an eyebrow at him, amused.]

What about your work?
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[ Not missing a beat. Just accept this horrible fate, already ]

Volunteer work. I'm allowed to take a break!
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[He snorts. Well, if Zack puts it that way...]

Okay. Let's go.